US Space Policy Directive on Cybersecurity in Space

US Space Policy Directive on Cybersecurity in Space

On 4 September 2020, the US White House has issued the Memorandum on Space Policy Directive-5—Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems.

The Directive determines cybersecurity principles for US space systems. It recognizes the need “to protect space systems from cyber incidents in order to prevent disruptions to their ability to provide reliable and efficient contributions to the operations of the Nation’s critical infrastructure.”

The principles are “established to guide and serve as the foundation for the United States Government approach to the cyber protection of space systems” and deal with the following matters:

  • Protection against unauthorized access to critical space vehicle functions
  • Physical protection measures designed to reduce the vulnerabilities of a space vehicle’s command, control, and telemetry receiver systems
  • Protection against communications jamming and spoofing
  • Protection of ground systems, operational technology, and information processing systems
  • Adoption of appropriate cybersecurity hygiene practices, physical security for automated information systems, and intrusion detection methodologies
  • Management of supply chain risks that affect cybersecurity of space systems

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