State Aid Law

Grants are important sources of funding for companies, institutions and other bodies (e.g. na-tional funding, ESI funding, H2020). However, the support granted can be more of a curse than a blessing when it collides with the strict EU subsidy law. The recipient of the grant then risks claims for repayment, sometimes years later, which can be a financial risk difficult to calculate.

We assist our clients to avoid such risks. To this end, we investigate facts relevant to state aid law in advance, identify corresponding risks and develop solutions to avoid them. In this way, we ensure, for our clients, that the subsidy is actually of lasting benefit. If necessary, we also draw up appropriate consortium agreements between several aid recipients, taking into ac-count intellectual property rights.

On request, we can train our client’s employees in EU state aid law on the relevant topics and legal sources, e.g:

  • Concept of aid under Article 107(1) TFEU
  • De minimis aid
  • Exemptions under the General Block Exemption Regulation (AGVO)
  • Compatibility assessment by the Commission
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