Aviation and Space Industry

The aviation and space industry is one of the key branches of the German economy. With around 88,000 employees this industry nearly covers all strategic technologies and generates annual revenues of about 20 billion Euros. The highly specialized products and services of German manufacturers and service providers play a significant role in the global market. We have substantial experience in advising complex air and space projects on the national, European and international stage. We are familiar with the financial and also political implications of such projects. Therefore, we maintain close relationships with the relevant ministries and other public institutions. To provide full service to our clients, we closely cooperate with technical and engineering consultants. We counsel in the following areas:

Aviation industry:

  • Airport infrastructure
  • Air control and safety
  • EU research framework programme
  • Aviation research projects

Space industry:

  • Satellite communications
  • Satellite navigation
  • Earth observation, geo-information
  • ESA projects
  • GJU/GSA Projects
  • EU research framework programme
  • National space programme
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