Research and Development

Research projects of companies and research institutions at national and European level are increasingly raising legal questions. Due to our activities, especially for various large research institutions, we are familiar with a number of legal areas pertinent to research projects, such as licensing law, contract law, state aid law, grant law and data protection law. In addition, we also offer sound technical advice on the initiation and implementation of national and cross-border research projects.

Our consulting services include in particular

  • Support in the preparation of application documents for calls for proposals for national and international research projects
  • Support for applications for research funding in the European Research Framework Pro-gramme (e.g. “Horizon2020”) and similar programmes
  • Preparation of consortium, cooperation and subcontracting agreements in national and Euro-pean research projects.
  • Drafting applications for tenders in national and European research projects,
  • Applications for research funding under the European Research Framework Programme (Horizon2020) and other programmes,
  • Setting up consortia, cooperation and subcontracting agreements in all kinds of national and European research projects.
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