Public procurement law

We advise public clients, contracting authorities and contractors, in both the public and private sectors, on a project-by-project basis throughout the entire procurement procedure, including complex PPP awards.

  • Support in the preparation of tender documents, in particular EU tender documents, specifications, evaluation matrices
  • Prevention of corruption in tender procedures
  • Identification of possible award errors
  • Formulation of complaints or replying to complaints
  • Conduct of review proceedings
  • Answering budgetary questions
  • Drafting of contracts (if necessary, taking into account EVB-IT, BVB, V-Modell XT etc.)
  • eAwarding
  • Tendering of concession contracts (electricity and gas) according to § 46 EnWG
  • In-house seminars, training courses on public procurement law (for both public bodies and commercial bidders)
  • Seminars on EVB-IT

Since our foundation, we have advised more than 100 EU procurement procedures and at least 200 national procurement procedures from the planning stage, through the implementa-tion to the conclusion of the procedure. Our team has already trained more than 50 different institutions in procurement law and we have distinguished ourselves through articles in numer-ous specialist publications and lectures on procurement law.

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