Dr. Matthias Lachenmann

Attorney at law, Partner

Dr. Matthias Lachenmann has been a partner at BHO Legal since April 2019. He specializes in advising on technology and data protection law, in particular with a focus on international group data protection, employee data protection and industry 4.0. Due to his industry focus on digital business/marketing, fashion and manufacturing companies, he primarily advises on data protection aspects such as IoT, AI, autonomous systems and DSGVO implementation and enforcement. His clients are international corporations (in Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000), German medium-sized companies with a global focus and data-driven SMEs.

Dr. Lachenmann was admitted to the bar in 2011 and previously worked for the Bonn-based employment and data protection law boutique Pauly & Partner and as data protection officer (UDISzert) at DPA Drewes Privacy Advice GmbH. He studied law in Augsburg, completed his training in Frankfurt a.M. and Milan and received his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Jürgen Taeger at the University of Oldenburg on “Data Transmission within the Group”. He regularly lectures on data protection law at (inter)national conferences and training courses, e.g. at the CodeBlue conference in Tokyo 2019. He is also a lecturer in the training of data protection officers at UDIS gGmbH and in the training of specialist lawyers for IT and labour law at the publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt. He publishes continuously on data protection and is known nationwide as the editor of the “Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht” (form manual on data protection law) at the publishing house C.H. Beck.


  • 2015
    Doctor iuris (summa cum laude)
  • 2011
    Degree in German Law (2nd State Exam), Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 2008
    Degree in German Law (1st State Exam) , University of Augsburg, Germany

Work experience:

  • Present
    Attorney-at-law and Partner at BHO Legal and Data Protection Officer (UDISzert)
  • 2015 - 2019
    Attorney-at-law at law at Pauly & Partner and Data Protection Officer (UDISzert)
  • 2011 - 2015
    Self emlployed attorney at law and PhD


  • German
  • English
  • Italian

Publications (selection):

• Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht, 3rd edition, C. H. Beck 2018 (with Ansgar Koreng; planned for 2020).
• Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht Law, 2nd edition, C. H. Beck 2018 (with Ansgar Koreng).
• Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht, C. H. Beck 2015 (with Ansgar Koreng).
• Data transmission within the group, dissertation, 2016, OlWIR Verlag.
Book contributions
• Chapter in: Koreng/Lachenmann (Ed.), Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht, 2. aufl. 2018, C. H. Beck: 1st “Accountability”; 2nd “Informationspflichten bei Erhebung von personenbezogenen Daten” (Data Protection Declarations); 3rd Comparison and Guideline for Contract Data Processing (with Sebastian Schwiering); 4th Edition (in German); 3rd Edition (in German) “Confidentiality agreement for service contracts” (with Jörg Jaenichen/Sebastian Schwiering); 5th “Joint data controller”; 6th “Video surveillance on company premises”; 7th “Advertisement mailing/newsletter” (with Frederike Rehker).
• Chapter in: Besgen/Prinz (ed.), Handbuch Internet.Arbeitsrecht, 4th edition 2018: 1. Beschäftigtendatenschutz.
• Chapter in: Koreng/Lachenmann (Ed.), Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht, C. H. Beck 2015: 1. “Confidentiality Agreement / NDA” (with Jörg Jaenichen); 2. “Contract data processing in the company”; 3. “Video surveillance on company premises”; 4. “Data protection information and consents”; 5. “Data protection in e-commerce and TMG”.
• Chapter in: Solmecke/Taeger/Feldmann (ed.), Mobile Apps – Rechtsfragen und rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen, De Gruyter 2013 (see external information page): 1. “Involved persons and contractual relationships”; 2. “App developer contracts” (with Christian Solmecke); 3. “End customer contracts”.
Technical essays
• Statement of the German data protection supervisory authorities on Internet tracking, ZD-Aktuell 06643 (with Diana Ettig).
• Brexit and data protection: immediate measures for companies, ZD-Aktuell 2019, 06442 (with Kevin Leibold).
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Judgement notes
• Commentary on BVerwG, judgment of 27.03.2019 – 6 C 2.18 – Video surveillance in the medical practice, ZD 2019.
• Commentary on OLG Frankfurt a.M., judgment of 17.12.2015 – 6 U 30/15 – Consent to advertising, MMR 2016, 245.
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Short texts
• Data transfers between the EU and Japan: an introduction to the EU’s adequacy decision on Japan, Linkedin Blog, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/data-transfers-between-eu-japan-introduction-eus-lachenmann/
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