Dr. Matthias Lachenmann

Attorney-at-law | Partner

Dr. Matthias Lachenmann joined BHO Legal as a partner in April 2019. He specializes in advising on Technology and Data Protection Law, in particular with a focus on data protection for international groups, employee data protection as well as Industry 4.0/Smart Factory. Due to his industry focus on digital business/marketing, fashion and manufacturing companies, he primarily advises on data protection law aspects, such as IoT, AI, autonomous systems and GDPR implementation. Furthermore, he is active in litigating and defending companies in data protection proceedings (e.g., Rights of Access to data, civil enforcement of data protection claims, communication with supervisory authorities or fine proceedings). His clients include international corporations (in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000), German mid-sized companies with a global focus, and data-driven SMEs. He is regularly named in rankings as a leading lawyer in data protection law, most recently named in Wirtschaftswoche 2020 as a “TOP lawyer in data protection law” and 2021 in Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers as one of “Germany’s best lawyers”. Furthermore, he is Co-Chair of the privacy organization IAPP Chapter Rhein-Ruhr in 2022/23 and member of the scientific advisory council of the German privacy law magazine „Zeitschrift für Datenschutz“ (ZD).

Dr. Lachenmann was admitted to the bar in 2011 and previously worked for the Bonn-based employment and data protection law boutique Pauly & Partner and as Data Protection Officer (UDIScert) at DPA Drewes Privacy Advice GmbH. He studied law in Augsburg, completed his training in Frankfurt a.M. and Milan and received his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Jürgen Taeger at the University of Oldenburg on “Data Transmission within Groups”. He regularly lectures at (inter)national conferences and training courses on data protection law, e.g. at the CodeBlue Conference in Tokyo 2019. He is also a lecturer in the training of specialist lawyers for IT and labour law at the publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt and in the training of Data Protection Officers at UDIS Ulmer Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit gGmbH. He publishes continuously on data protection, e.g. in the book “Work 4.0”, in a commentary on German and EU ePrivacy laws and is known nationwide as the editor of the “Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht” (form manual on data protection law) at the publishing house C.H. Beck.


  • 2015
    Doctor iuris (summa cum laude)
  • 2011
    Degree in German Law (2nd State Exam), Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 2008
    Degree in German Law (1st State Exam) , University of Augsburg, Germany

Work experience:

  • Present
    Attorney-at-law and Partner at BHO Legal and Data Protection Officer (UDISzert)
  • 2015 - 2019
    Attorney-at-law at law at Pauly & Partner and Data Protection Officer (UDISzert)
  • 2011 - 2015
    Self employed attorney at law and PhD


  • German
  • English
  • Italian

Publications (selection):


  • Forms Manual Data Protection Law (original: Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht), 3rd Edition, C.H. Beck 2021 (with Ansgar Koreng).
  • Forms Manual Data Protection Law (original: Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht), 2nd Edition, C. H. Beck 2018 (with Ansgar Koreng). Presentation on YouTube via: https://youtu.be/nt2rAmddNI8.
  • Forms Manual Data Protection Law (original: Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht), C. H. Beck 2015 (with Ansgar Koreng).


  • Data Transfers within Groups (original: Datenübermittlung im Konzern), Dissertation, OlWIR Verlag 2016.

Articles in books

  • Chapter in: Gierschmann/Baumgartner, Telekommunikation-Telemedien-Datenschutz-Gesetz: TTDSG, Commentary, C.H. Beck 2023: “§§ 22-24 TTDSG, inventory and usage data disclosure” (original: Bestands- und Nutzungsdatenauskunft)“.
  • Chapter in Mes (Ed.), Münchener Prozessformularbuch Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Urheber- und Presserecht, 6th ed. 2022: multiple forms on data protection law.
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  • Chapter in: Buchner/Heinze/Specht/Oliver Thomsen (Eds.) Commemorative publication for Prof. Jürgen Taeger (original: Festschrift für Professor Jürgen Taeger), RuW Verlag, 2020 (planned): Artificial intelligence in Healthcare (original: Künstliche Intelligenz im Gesundheitswesen).
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  • Chapter in: Koreng/Lachenmann (Eds.), Forms Manual Data Protection Law (original: Formularhandbuch Datenschutzrecht), C. H. Beck 2015: 1. Confidentiality agreement/NDA (original: Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung/NDA) (with Jörg Jaenichen); 2. Custom data processing in the company (original: Auftragsdatenverarbeitung im Unternehmen); 3. Video surveillance on company premises (original: Videoüberwachung auf Firmengeländen); 4. Data protection information and consent forms (original: Datenschutzinformationen und Einwilligungen; 5. Data protection in e-commerce and TMG (original: Datenschutz in E-Commerce und TMG).
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Comments on Judgement

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Short texts

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